Tributaries power - model PWRC-T10X Power Management
Tributaries power - model PWRC-T10X Power Management

Tributaries power - model PWRC-T10X Power Management

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Who is Tributaries?

Tributaries® Cable is a privately owned American company based in Orlando, Florida. They are suppliers to over six hundred of the U.S.A.'s best Audio Video retailers and custom installers - and also supply distributors all around the World too. They have built their business and their reputation over the past twenty years based simply on their commitment to quality, value, performance and service. Unlike many companies in the cable business, their products are only based on high quality tried and tested materials and on scientific principles. As you may have read, many cable companies make wild claims (some of which even defy the laws of physics). That's just not their way - and just one of the reasons why they have won the coveted AV industry award "Inside Track Magazine's Supplier Loyalty Award" a record Thirteen out of Fifteen times in the past Fifteen years! Great products. Great Service and Great Value. That's Tributaries.

The Tributaries® T10X Power Extension Bar is designed to provide a maximum 1800W ([email protected]) of clean, filtered and surge suppressed power to audio and video components. The T10X front panel has power switch and 6 outlets while the back panel has 4 outlets, Trigger in and out and re-settable circuit breaker.

  • 10 outlet Power Bar; mount on rack, on wall or under counter
  • 1800 watts / 15 amps
  • 3240  joules of surge suppression
  • 12 volt trigger in and out
  • Line power is filtered to lower the noise floor
  • Mounting hardware included
  • 3 UL® certifications and RoHS compliant
  • Tributaries is a proud member of
  • Cedia
  • CEA
  • Home Entertainment Source
  • D-Tools
  • PARA
  • Specialty Electronics Nationwide