Security Platform



Automate the security and management of your building access control
systems with our scalable cloud-based physical security platform.



Access Control

Automate your building access control and reporting in a secure, and convenient way.


Mobile Management

Manage all security jobs from anywhere and enable users to open doors with with their phones.


Visitor Management

Create a welcoming and safe environment for visitors while automating tracking.

Video Surveillance

Get real-time views of access points at your facility and easy access to visual records.



Identity Federation

Create and change credentials and permissions across systems and locations.


Elevator Control

See who has access to floors, and manage cab traffic in tower buildings.



The Brivo security platform and Brivo Onair API enable the custom design of building access control systems with unmatched scalability and integration across systems for a unified, centralized management solution.



Our professional services, training, full 24/7 support and customer-centric focus make your building access control system reliable and easy to use.