How Brivo Makes Cybersecurity A Priority

Posted by RosB on 6/28/2018 to News
How Brivo Makes Cybersecurity A Priority

How We Build Products

At Brivo - System By Design, we architect our systems with cybersecurity as an explicit component. We build products with:

  • End-to-end security designed for IoT
  • Strong encryption for communications
  • Bot monitoring and real-time alerts to take corrective action

  • How We Deploy Applications

Cybersecurity is an integral part of what we do, not just a box to check. We test for cybersecurity throughout the development lifecycle. We deploy applications with:

  • Triple redundancy for high availability
  • Regular and automatic software updates
  • Pre and post deployment scans of software and systems


How We Manage Our Business

Our focus on cybersecurity means we follow or exceed industry standards. We’ve earned certifications from highly respected auditors for over a decade. We manage our internal business by:

  • Requiring detailed technical and security training
  • Monitoring and managing what our employees can access
  • Conducting 3rd party audits on our software, hardware, and internal processes