Eagle Eye Networks has partnered with Hikvision to enable the use of HD analog cameras over coaxial cabling.

Posted by RosB on 5/23/2018 to News
Eagle Eye Networks has partnered with Hikvision to enable the use of HD analog cameras over coaxial cabling.

Of the four competing formats of HD over Coax, Eagle Eye has chosen the HD-TVI standard. HD-TVI has been widely adopted by the industry – it is already supported by over 100 manufacturers including the industry leader in TVI, Hikvision USA. By partnering with Hikvision on its Turbo 4.0 HD range of products, Eagle Eye is bringing the first HD Over Coax solution to the cloud.

Upgrading analog systems is a great fit for this solution. With HD Over Coax, replacing existing CCTV or analog cameras with HD-TVI DVRs/Encoders will provide access to all of Eagle Eye’s many cloud benefits. Benefits include:

  • Works with any Eagle Eye Bridge or CMVR
  • Cyber secure when using the CamLAN – Eagle Eye’s private camera network
  • TVI cameras appear like IP cameras
  • Independent resolution per camera
  • Independent retention

In addition to the benefits of the Eagle Eye Cloud, HD Over Coax has advantages over standard analog or IP based systems:

  • 4x Longer cable runs compared to Ethernet
  • Cost of cameras is considerably lower than IP cameras
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Secure and stable environment (No I.P.s, Latency, QoS or Network Issues)
  • 2MP TVI cameras offer five to six times more resolution than analog CCTV cameras

When using standard analog cabling, the cost to upgrading to HD can be significantly mitigated with HD-TVI technology. Not only can integrators use the existing coax cabling, the actual HD-TVI hardware is also more affordable when compared to an all-digital solution. Integrators can typically use the existing power supply from the analog/CCTV cameras. If this is not an option, Hikvision’s Turbo line also offers the ability to power some Turbo cameras via Power Over Coaxial (POC). The Hikvision DVR/Encoder acts as a multi-view camera so only a single IP address, meaning there are no IP’s involved, no network issues to address, no latency to discuss, ultimately creating a secure and stable environment.

With the latest firmware, the HQI Series Hikvision Turbo 4.0 HD Tribrid DVRs and HUHI Series Encoders can be connected seamlessly to Eagle Eye Bridges and are compatible with all Eagle Eye subscriptions.