Eagle Eye Contract Vault

Eagle Eye Contract Vault

cloud vault storage

Archive Important Transactions

Cloud based long-term storage

Eagle Eye Contract Vault is a complete Cloud system for recording and archiving important transactions. 

Businesses can capture audio and video recordings of important events and store them securely in the Cloud. 

Users have the ability to enter pertinent information for each transaction and can easily start/stop the recording with one click.

LaptopLibrary-500Easily Search Archived Videos

Your video recordings are stored long-term in the Eagle Eye Cloud Data Center. Descriptions and metadata make for easy search and retrieval. Businesses can label and tag recordings for historical reference, review, or evidence.

Video retention periods vary. Businesses can store video for 3-10 years and even up to 30 years.

Videos can be downloaded in MP4 format and shared with a simple click in the web browser.

Camera Compatibility & Mobile Support



Video can be reviewed on all iOS and Android devices.

Recording and archiving can be accomplished via an iPhone or iPad camera or surveillance cameras supported by Eagle Eye Networks.

To see if your cameras are supported by Eagle Eye Networks.

Security Camera Mobile-Screen-Shots

100% Web & Mobile Interface

Access and control the Eagle Eye Contract Vault from your computer, tablet or mobile device.  Real-time and historic video can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world via a web browser or mobile device.

The Eagle Eye Contract Vault is controlled via a web interface or mobile application, which can be operated by personnel with limited or no training.

There is no software to install, businesses can control and view video via a web browser.

Eagle Eye Contract Vault works on Mac, PC, Chromebook, iPad, and Android.


Central Control

Record video from multiple locations and is securely stored in the Eagle Eye Cloud Data Center. Retrieval can be performed by remote or centralized personnel, which is ideal for internal or external compliance applications.

The Eagle Eye Contract Vault also allows businesses to delegate access, give relevant personnel access, and revoke access on a user basis.

The Eagle Eye Contract Vault provides an audit trail of all access and recordings.

Secure Encrypted Video

No open ports to the Internet

With Eagle Eye Complete Privacy Encryption™ your video is safe. There are no open ports to the Internet, which might allow hackers to attack. All data is encrypted in transit and while at rest. All video is stored in the triple redundant Cloud to ensure its durability.