Cloud On-Demand Architecture

Eagle Eye Cloud Architecture

The future of video management

The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS is a true cloud based platform. It’s not a refit of old Linux or Windows software in the cloud. It was built from the ground up as a modern cloud implementation. The Eagle Eye infrastructure is not managed by a third party vendor; it’s completely managed by Eagle Eye experts, specifically designed for video. Eagle Eye provides the most reliable, responsive, and secure cloud video surveillance solution available.


On-Premise Management

Works when the internet goes down

Eagle Eye’s onsite hardware ensures your cameras never stop recording. The Internet may go down, but the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS keeps working. The onsite Bridge is in constant communication with your cameras, monitoring their status and verifying they have not been tampered with. The Bridge also analyzes video for motion, compresses it, and encrypts it for safe storage.


High Availability Tier 4 Data Centers

Ultra secure, ultra reliable

Equipment is independently dual-powered, ventilated, and air-conditioned (HVAC). The fault-tolerant site infrastructure has electrical power storage and distribution facilities with expected availability of 99.995%. We’re talking serious reliability and redundancy for your data.


Intelligent Bandwidth Management™

Making video work with your Internet

Eagle Eye has developed Intelligent Bandwidth Management™ technology to deal with the reality of limited bandwidth. Earlier cloud recording systems faced challenges with bandwidth consumption, but Eagle Eye’s unique, multi-layered bandwidth management technology means the system works with both small and large camera installations, regardless of your Internet.


Automatic Camera Detection

Configure your cameras with a single click

Connecting cameras is simple, regardless of your Bridge model. The Eagle Eye Bridges automatically detect your cameras and configure the network appropriately. It takes a single click to add a camera. The resolution, frame rate, and codec are automatically set based on the camera profile.


Complete Privacy Encryption™

Eagle Eye’s Complete Privacy Encryption™ eliminates the security vulnerabilities commonly found in other systems. There are no open ports to the Internet, and video is fully encrypted during transmission and at rest – making evidence tampering impossible.

Flex Storage™ Technology

Customers who use a CMVR have the Eagle Eye Cloud-Premise Flex Storage™ option, allowing them to choose where their video is stored. No longer limited to the confines of onsite hardware, customers can now store some or all of their video in the cloud or on the local device.

Flexible Camera Choices

The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS supports both IP and Analog cameras.  All Bridges and CMVRs are compatible with IP cameras.  Select models also support analog cameras.   Eagle Eye works with most ONVIF cameras, giving customers the flexibility of hundreds of camera manufacturers and thousands of models. 

Multiple Locations Made Simple

Customers with more than one location may view video from multiple locations on a single device. They can even create layouts that show video from different locations on the same screen. For example, they could choose to view all cash registers at the same time, even if the stores are scattered across the country.

Unlimited Storage Potential

Eagle Eye subscriptions have pre-set pricing for up to one year of video retention. However, additional storage is not a problem. We have some customers that keep their video for 7 years – just ask.

Automatic Network Configuration

Eagle Eye’s onsite devices are designed for easy setup. Once the Bridge is connected to the Internet, it immediately connects to the Eagle Eye Cloud. There’s no need to configure firewalls or routers; the Bridge establishes a secure connection using Eagle Eye Complete Privacy Encryption™. Your communication across the Internet is protected by 256-bit AES encryption with rapidly rotating keys.

Local Video Caching

The Eagle Eye Bridge caches video locally and synchronizes it with the cloud when bandwidth is available. This allows Eagle Eye to work in many different environments. For example, if your bandwidth is used during the day by a Point of Sale or VOIP system, Eagle Eye can be configured to use less bandwidth. It will burst and use more bandwidth at night when there is a lesser load on the network.

Private Cloud Option

Most customers use the Eagle Eye infrastructure, which eliminates the need to manage servers and surveillance software. Eagle Eye also offers a Private Cloud option, creating a closed system completely under the customer’s management. While not for everyone, some may find the additional overhead of server management and infrastructure maintenance worthwhile.